‘Life is hell in Camp Moria’, says Ro-La, a young woman from Syria. Ro-La fled for safety and eventually ended up in Camp Moria. ‘By a long way, not enough toilets and showers for some five thousand people and often no water. So if you do get the chance to shower, you come out filthier than you go in’

Pieter, Dinne and Liesbeth, initiators of the ‘ShowerPower’ foundation, have all three had the experience of working in refugee camps.

Pieter sums up ‘The situation in camp Moria is dramatic so, if the government can’t do anything, we will do it: with ShowerPower‘.

Need is great! Will you help?

Vluchtelingen in kamp Moria op het eiland Lesbos, Griekenland ShowerPower

This is how refugees live in camp Moria at Lesvos island Greece