Saturday night, December 9th, Pieter, Dinne and I took a big step. The situation in Camp Moria is crying out for change.  We decided to stop standing by and to set up ShowerPower instead.  I realise that this undertaking is going to be different from all the other times I worked as a volunteer with refugees either in Athens or on Lesbos.    It requires commitment and the willingness to sacrifice a part of our private life.

I have experienced the importance of others being there for you in a situation of crisis myself.  When a fellow human being is with you in your pain, you feel that the other is somehow carrying you.  I have also felt the extraordinary privilege of being able to offer help, not with material wealth but with the ability to look someone in the eye and recognise another human being.


It is so heartwarming to discover that in such a short time span so many people are connecting with ShowerPower and showing their willingness to help in whatever way they can.  The feeling that together you can actually do something gives energy!  In spite of all the sorrow in the world, beautiful things do happen and that gives me joy.


Logo Stichting ShowerPower