A lot of money is needed to keep ShowerPower up and running. Monthly costs add up to 4000 euro. This includes costs for electricity (prices of which are extremely high on the island), sewer drainage, minivan maintenance, monthly rent and house maintenance, insurance and the washer and dryer. On top of this, we need money to welcome guests properly, for instance with towels, shampoo, a hairdryer, children’s games, underwear, fruit, tea and soup.


ShowerPower has been granted the Dutch ANBI-status Donations are deductible under certain circumstances. Periodical gifts are fully deductible. Download the ANBI agreement for a periodical gift.


Donate via IDEAL, Credit card or PayPal:

Please donate by bank transfer to:
ShowerPower Foundation account# NL 51 TRIO 0338 8088 68
Bank Identification Code: TRIO NL 2U
or use your PayPal account:


Every euro that is donated to ShowerPower will be spent on refugees.
ShowerPower has been granted the Dutch ANBI-status (as a registered charity, thus donations are income tax deductible)

We can imagine you’ve got questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us! Usually we get back to you within a day.


ShowerPower foundation
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