Update situation camp Moria: NOS newshour has given an update on the critical situation on the Greece camp Moria. One of the refugees, already living 1.5 years in the camp, commented: “The camp feels like a prison, or worse: like hell”.

The article continues about the actual situation: “There are no showers, the only toilets available are unusable, and every morning they share half an hour of food for about 1,000 people, but there are 6,000 people in Moria, so many of them do not get food.”

Perspective for the refugees

According to the refugee deal between the European Union and Turkey, migrants who are not granted asylum are being sent back to Turkey. But they must first wait for an assessment from the Greek authorities. It can take years before it is processed. 

Help is needed. It may takes years before the authorities take action. You can help to make a small donation to make the situation a little bit more human.

Photocredit: Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters, from NRC (Lesbos can no longer accommodate refugees).