ShowerPower offers women and kids from Camp Moria on Lesvos clean and safe showers. ShowerPower runs a bathhouse where people can feel welcome. A safe house, where people can relax by having a hot shower followed by a cup of tea. We want to give people a boost to regain dignity that has been peeled off day after day.

So in practice, the ShowerPower Hammam is a private house, situated at a reasonable distance from camp Moria, where we offer clean towels and organic toiletries. Transportation to and from the camp is provided.

We are open on six out of seven days and invite women and their kids.
We hope to find more houses where we will offer the same intimacy and safety.
Eventually, we will open a blue house for boys and men only!

Kindje in bad

ShowerPower provides a shuttle between Moria and the ShowerPower facilities.

An all women team of volunteers runs the place with the help of our guests. Over five thousand people had a hot shower to date (October 1st, 2018)

All simple and effective.

With € 240.000 ($250.000) we can run the current place for the next five years. Where ever possible we will focus to reduce costs. ShowerPower seeks support from entrepreneurs and their companies to donate goods. Still, quite a large amount is needed and with the help of many of us we can set it up together and get cracking!
We started to offer showers to the weakest and most vulnerable: women and kids

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