The fires of September 8 and 9, which meant the definitive end of refugee camp Moria on Lesvos as it was, also ended definitively the activities of ShowerPower in its old form.

From the end of 2017 until the beginning of March 2020 the volunteers of ShowerPower received more than 20.000 women and children in the safe house on Lesvos. Doing so, the mission of the foundation took shape; returning dignity to people who have to find a way to survive in camps under inhumane conditions.

As from March 2020 the safe house has been temporarily closed as a consequence of a) the reactionary violence against refugees and volunteers and b) by the lockdown because of COVID 19. From that moment on ShowerPower has financially supported mainly Greek NGOs who were still operational.

After the fires a new, closed camp has been set up in a hurry. The people who stay there are not allowed to leave the camp and NGOs are not or only sparingly admitted. In addition Covid 19 is still playing an important role and ShowerPower does not want to be the cause of a further spread of the virus.
In the meantime, we started to beef-up our financial support of local NGOs that are able to deliver some relief to the trapped refugees. WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO.

At the start of September the foundation went looking for alternatives to give shape to her mission after it had become clear that the old construction did not work anymore. From that moment on the board has been considering legal actions to denounce the European refugee policy with an independent judge. The aim is to test the policy, which leads to dehumanisation, to existing laws, international treaties and agreements. Because: enough is enough.

ShowerPower is a small foundation that is mainly good at being nice to our fellow human beings. The legal way is something else, it is a complex way and a matter of patience, which eventually will serve our mission. The field of action has changed and therefore it is wise to seek support from experienced experts, lawyers, strategists, communication experts and back office specialists.

ShowerPower is supported by a large network of donors, former volunteers, sympathisers and fellow NGOs who all agree: enough is enough. They will help us to create a large public support and to acquire the necessary funds.

The fires in Moria have not changed our mission: the restoration of human dignity, but they have made definite our new form. The board considers ShowerPower’s new course as inevitable, irreversible and serving the mission.

Sanitaires propres, là où il y a urgence



 « Dans le camp de Moria à Lesbos, vous ne trouverez pas de douche sûre, la vie ici c’est l’enfer », dit Ro-La, une jeune femme syrienne. Ro-La s’est enfuie pour sa sécurité et a fini par se retrouver à Moria. « Beaucoup trop peu de toilettes et pas de douches sûres pour les milliers de personnes, souvent pas d’eau. Quand vous pouvez enfin prendre une douche, vous revenez plus sale qu’en y entrant ».


Les conditions pénibles dans le camp Moria et les champs d’oliviers adjacents ont été la raison de la création de ShowerPower. ShowerPower offre aux femmes et aux enfants des douches chaudes et propres dans un environnement familial où ils peuvent se sentir en sécurité.


Plus qu’un endroit avec une douche chaude, la maison est un havre sûr. Les femmes et les enfants peuvent, pour un moment, échapper à leur terrible vie dans le camp. Thé, fruits et soupes sont offerts et l’attention est portée aux enfants.
Depuis le début du projet en février 2018, près de 20 000 femmes et enfants ont déjà utilisé les douches.

Personne ne peut aider tout le monde, mais chacun peut aider quelqu’un !

Réfugiés Lesbos au Camp Moria

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This is how refugees live in camp Moria at Lesvos island Greece

comment vivent les réfugiés dans le camp Moria à Lesbos

Personne ne peut aider tout le monde, mais chacun peut aider quelqu’un !